How to Post on the Forum, How and where to Log In, and Other Valuable Information About Nairaland

How to Post on the Forum, How and where to Log In, and Other Valuable Information About Nairaland

Am you seeking to learn more about Nairaland Forum? If you enjoy following social media trends, you have probably heard about Nairaland. The forum is known to everybody who reads news from online sources.

There are numerous news organisations that report on events in Africa and Nigeria. Some of these are national newspapers, magazines, or circulars that have been registered. On Nairaland, however, reading articles and news updates is far more enjoyable.

How to Post on the Forum, How and where to Log In, and Other Valuable Information About Nairaland

The forum appears to offer content on a larger range of topics and to be more interesting and engaging to users.

Continue reading to learn more about the platform, as well as more helpful details on how to log in and upload.

Special Announcement- Response to Nairaland post

The main goal of the Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning Center’s establishment was to increase access to its degree programmes. Our replies to the concerns mentioned in the statement made by a potential student and published on the Nairaland platform on September 13, 2018, are provided below.

About Nairaland

This web forum was made with the intention of providing its wide range of target users with a welcoming venue for sharing and debating current events from various facets of life.

It aims to provide users with a platform online where they can post and read news, watch entertainment videos, and keep up with the newest fashion trends. Nairaland is therefore a very popular website in Nigeria.

The website’s material is being actively engaged with by many people from all around the nation.

Nigerian Crypto Investor Offers To Purchase Nairaland For N150 Million

In a statement, Gauis offered to pay N150 million ($358,000) for and added that, if the owner refused to sell, he would be prepared to raise the price 10 times over the course of the following year.

·        The cryptocurrency aficionados claim that his staff in the state of Lagos is eagerly anticipating the start of the sale negotiations.

·        The CEO announced on Twitter that he would be paying in cash.

·        Seun Osewa, the founder of Nairaland

·        “I am willing to give 150,000,000 Naira to purchase @nairaland and 10X it within the next 12 months,” Gauis said.

·        My team is prepared to negotiate with the Team from Lagos!

·        Inform them that Africa’s First Bitcoin Investor has a proposal!

Seun Osewa. Life, Networth, and Nairaland.

Seun Osewa

OluwaSeun Temitope Osewa is an innovator, webmaster, and programmer. He founded , the largest online community in Africa. One of the best debate forums in Africa and the entire world can now be found on the website. The platform has long been used as a means of communication amongst Nigerians living at home and abroad. Seun is a shy person who has had great success as an online business owner.

Career and Life

Seun began working in technology in 2003, concentrating on the web hosting market. He had tried to launch a web hosting company, but after a while, he realised he wasn’t making any progress, so he ran out of money, and the project was abandoned. In an interview, he said that the concept might have persisted if he had properly managed his finances or found a way to keep the business afloat.

Sango Ota, in the Nigerian state of Ogun, is where Seun Osewa was born and nurtured. He grew up in a technologically curious society. His interest in technology was cultivated as a result. In 1998, Seun joined as a freshmen to study electrical engineering at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo university. He did not, however, finish his programme. Seun left the school.

Owner of Nairaland SEUN OSEWA’s full bio, career, and wealth

·        Oluwaseun Osewa, in FULL

·        BIRTH DATE: 17 July 1982

·         Webmaster, site owner, and businessperson

·        NET Valued: According to pageranker, is worth $ 8,737,200.00 (N 1,602,839,340.00).

·        MARITAL STATUS: Not Married


Seun, a programmer, webmaster, and businessman from Ogun State, is the founder and proprietor of NAIRALAND, the largest online forum in Nigeria and Africa. According to Alexa rankings, this website had the greatest traffic in Nigeria and throughout Africa up to 2015. Seun is a very successful online businessman who also likes to keep to himself.

NAIRALAND FORUM: WHAT IS IT? (How To Post On Nairaland Forum)

What is the Nairaland Forum? We’ll discuss this subject in this article. If you’re new to the  forum or are unfamiliar with it, continue reading. You’ll be able to post on the Naira Land Forum and comprehend what it is.

It is evident that individuals are utilising Google to investigate topics like “what is nairaland” and “what is nairaland forum.”

People genuinely want to know what nairaland is, which is the reason. What it is and how to use it to make money online will be demonstrated.

How to Upload Posts to Nairaland

The first thing you notice when you visit  is how many registered individuals are able to publish and upload their posts online.

You could get the urge to post your own content that touches on any of the forum’s categories. If so, carefully read the instructions in this section.

·        Make sure your content is well-written and directed at the right audiences.

·        Purchase a reliable internet connection and a decent browser.

·        Go to

·        Verify your account, please (and have been verified by a message sent to your email address)

·        Investigate the topics listed.

·        Click on the link after the discussion is finished.

·        You can begin developing your desired theme

·        Additionally, make sure you complete out the necessary fields.

·        Save your post after that to “Public Access.”

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