How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2022 Updates

How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2022 Updates

Post Links and Articles on Nairaland: Seun Osewa founded the Nairaland forum , one of the most well-known internet communities in Africa, in March 2005. You may learn how to create a post on Nairaland by reading this article.

How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2022 Updates

According to and an internet website ranker, the forum currently has over 1,400,000 registered accounts (as of August 2015) and is the 7th most frequented site in Nigeria and the most popular indigenous site in the nation.

Numerous internet users have expressed a need for instructions on how to post to the Nairaland forum , according to our most recent research.

What is Nairaland Forum

It is a discussion forum website where people talk about various topics. Your interests will determine entirely what you talk on the website.

Seun Osewa, a Nigerian businessman, launched it on March 8, 2005, with a primary audience of Nigerian domestic residents. It is advised that you create a business account when setting up your account with the business name, logo, and other details that will be required for quick business identification.

In this way, when platform users view your posts, they are thought to be authentic and reputable. Nairaland forum Engagement on the content may increase significantly as a result.

How to Post on Nairaland Forum?

1) As always, open the Nairaland forum app or website.

 2) Activate the new browser tab,

3). Put the URL of the website here (URL),

4). Visit by clicking the link

5). Make sure you are logged in to the forum (or do the registration),

6). You will be able to browse down and see a variety of things. The “Create a topic” button is located at the conclusion of the whole list of topics,

7). Create a new subject and complete all required fields before saving (posting) it for public view.

8). You must be a registered user to post advertisements on Nairaland; else, your access may be restricted or terminated permanently.

How To Add An Image To Your Post on Nairaland

When responding to a specific post, locate the ATTACH field and click “Browse,” which will cause a pop-up to appear and open the file “My Document.” Choose the image you want to upload and display on the article.

Sell Products and Make Money on Nairaland Forum

Now, where else would you choose to advertise your product than on a platform that receives over a million visits per day, say, for those who have commodities, gadgets, or tech products to sell? Utilize the nairaland categories, market your product to the appropriate category, and make a respectable income.

How To Post Ads on Nairaland

Additionally, Nairaland runs a targeted ad platform that allows any user to post advertisements on all Nairaland platforms in areas where potential customers are most likely to be located. A fashion designer, for instance, may advertise with it in the fashion section. Here are the procedures for posting advertising on Nairaland forum .

How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2022 Updates

  • Pick up your banner. prepared and designed
  • Your ad banner must be in the PNG or JPG format, be borderless, 318 pixels wide by 106 pixels tall, and less than 30 kb in size.
  • To upload your banner ad and landing page, go to, click “Upload Ad,” and then wait for the Nairaland team’s approval. ( If your advertisement is dishonest, illegal, or morally dubious, it may be rejected.
  • When your advertisement is accepted, instructions on how to buy platform advertising credits will be sent. As a result, you are able to freely display your adverts on any Nairaland page, including the front page.

Some Of The Popular Forums On Nairaland For Maximum Reach:

Nairaland Politics

Visitors read about significant and interesting issues like politics with a lot of interest, thus they tend to participate more in the Nairaland Politics forum.

Additionally, you can use the activity on the Nairaland Politics forum to draw attention to your company during tense election seasons.

Nairaland Romance

Although there are no specific times of year for a higher level of activity on this topic, there are a lot of people who visit it. You can advertise your company in the Nairaland Romance forum if you own a dating site or any venture related to relationships and romance.

Nairaland Jobs

For optimum exposure and interaction, if you run a job-hunting website, this is a wonderful platform to market your brand or job openings.

Nairaland’s education, general, and entertainment forums are also fairly well-liked, so you may want to consider promoting or advertising your business there.

Here are a few of the Nairaland forums where you can advertise your company and earn leads for it.

Drive Traffic and Make Money on Nairaland Forum

This technique for increasing traffic to your blog or website is well-known to webmasters. Driving traffic from Nigeria to my site will undoubtedly result in money going into my advertising account because I have blogs with solid content and monetization. You can follow suit.

Sell eBooks

Information marketing is a relatively recent development. Nairaland provides the ideal market for you to sell a problem-solving ebook on any topic of your choice, such as business, health, relationships, etc.

Coaching Service

The more than a million users of Nairaland forum include both beginners and professionals; the beginners are interested in improving themselves and frequently need the assistance of a qualified coach.

Are you an authority in the fields you mention, such as social media marketing, SEO, and blogging? Nairaland offers a place where you may meet a lot of new people and make a good amount of money by teaching them any skill?

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