For the wrong reasons, the new Julia Black Business Insider has garnered media attention. Black, a former journalist for HarperCollins, Esquire, and Vox Media, now focuses on in-depth studies of cultural influencers. Besides her new position at Business Insider, Black has written for a number of outlets.

Five ways to stay informed are listed below. Readers are interested in learning more about the journalist after finishing her lengthy post. After Dave mentioned her in his videos and the media later defended its reporter, she has been the topic of conversation.


Journalist and writer Julia presently works as a reporter for Business Insider. “Media & business reporter,” is how she describes herself. She has experience working with a variety of publications and sites, including Off the Record, Medium, OUPblog, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Verge, among others, according to her MuckRack profile. A woman named Julia Black is the focus of Business Insider’s most recent defamation campaign. The journalist is trying to establish herself by spreading misinformation and has no credibility. She needs to be detained for lying. We’ll keep an eye on her at all times. Find out more about her by reading on. Here are some of her most impressive tales. – The Best Articles from Business Insider Her most recent exposé on Dave Portnoy, the creator of Barstool Sports, is a success! Portnoy is portrayed in the article as a serial sex offender by Business Insider.


At HarperCollins, Julia’s initial position was in book publishing. Later, she changed jobs and worked at Esquire, where she edited stories and wrote about pop culture.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, where she followed her interest in filmmaking and working in television, her official website recalls her time at Bon Appetit.

Her website bio states that as an investigative business writer, she is “as interested in investigating poisonous work cultures and corporate scandals as she is in profiling changemakers and rising stars.”

Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente)

Portnoy wrote in his Barstool article, “I wish I could say I’m astonished that Business Insider published the second hit piece on me despite the avalanche of evidence that contradicts their reporting, but I would have been amazed if they didn’t.

“After all, BI performs this. In essence, they manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal their way to clicks with no regard for the truth or for others whose lives might be damaged in the process. Not to mention the person in charge, Henry Blodget, a convicted fraudster who stole money from regular Americans before being effectively barred from Wall Street for life. He just moved on to his next white-collar crime scheme.


Julia praised Business Insider and the people that helped her with her investigation when her article on Dave was published. She remarked, “I hope you’ll take some time to read it. This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on a tale. I appreciate the assistance of the @insider team and the courageous sources who spoke with me over the past eight months. The publication defended its writer in a statement to NBC, stating, “Around mid-April, our reporter spoke with a woman about what she described as a terrifying sexual encounter with Portnoy.” Dave has refuted all of the accusations made against him.

November 2021: Portnoy is accused of having “violent” sex with multiple women.

One woman, Madison, claimed to be 20 years old when she first spoke to the 43-year-old millionaire (sources were given pseudonyms out of concern for Portnoy’s admirers’ reprisal). She described her visit to his Nantucket home as a “traumatic event,” claiming that he began photographing her without her permission while she engaged in oral sex and choked her so severely that she was unable to breathe. When Madison started screaming and shouting, “Too much!” and “It hurts!,” Portnoy reportedly instructed her to “stop running away from me,” according to Madison, who said that she felt like “a human sex doll” throughout their meeting. Additionally, she displayed Insider messages she had sent to a friend soon after the trip, in which she had said, “It was so tough I felt


As she was covering the protests in Minneapolis, a black CNN correspondent was taken into custody. After George Floyd passed away while in police custody, the arrest was made. According to Business Insider, the man had been bugging Julia Black. The journalist thanked the editors for allowing her to cover this story. Portnoy, though, vehemently denied ever abusing a woman. How long Portnoy has been detained is unknown. Stay tuned as we continue this story.


Portnoy claimed in a video that Insider reporter Julia Black was “getting ready to release yet another make-believe hit piece” against her on January 20. Portnoy refuted every accusation made against Black and alleged that her political beliefs led to her partiality. Many viewers of the video took to Twitter to express their own perspectives. Portnoy didn’t stop there, though. He continued by sharing more article screenshots.

A minority

Portnoy briefly discussed suing Insider in a tweet, but it doesn’t appear like anything like that transpired.

Erika Mardini, CEO of Barstool, also spoke out in favour of Portnoy, admitting that while “it was hard for me because I don’t think any woman should be forced to do anything against her will,” she found “it incredibly unsettling” how that piece came together on her programme. Mardini pointed out that Penn National, which holds a small stake in Barstool, held its earnings call the same day the article was released.

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