Gojek Clone App: How It Boosts Up the Business?

Today, it is impossible to live without mobile phones. How did we end up in this situation? Well, we are completely dependent on smartphones because they have made our lives easier. From booking taxi rides to finding hospitals in nearby areas, and tracking people we care about, smart apps like Gojek Clone app have become a necessity.

Looking at how things have been changing and how dependent people have become on smartphones, it is a no-brainer that businesses need to be online. For entrepreneurs or business owners who run stores and showrooms, or rely only on manual work, it is time to shift to the world of mobile apps.

Let’s explore more.

Why Do You Need a Gojek-like Mobile App to Boost Business?

Mobile apps are constantly becoming smarter and helping all of us with daily chores. Could you have imagined that one day we would be able to order food, groceries, or medicines online? Sending parcels, consulting with a doctor without stepping out of our homes, or even selling homes would be possible with a hand-held device.

Well, all of that is now possible with the most advanced mobile app of the decade – the Gojek Clone app.

With the convenience of booking multiple services via one app, your business can also:

Deliver promotional messages

Using the app, your business can send promotional messages to each and every user without incurring the cost of advertising.

This money-saving and convenient feature is the best way to tell your users that you have upcoming sales, offers, or discounts.

This is an example of how you will be able to promote your business by sending in-app push notifications.

Retain users

Gojek Clone app allows you to retain users and convert them to loyal customers. The services and features offered on the app are so good that you can provide exceptional customer service.

Offer attractive deals & discounts, allow users to send/receive gift cards, enable them to get 24X7 support, etc., and you will see them all happy.

And, only happy customers will stay and use your platform frequently. This is the only way to retain them and convert them into loyal customers.

Increase sales and growth

Since you are purchasing a multi-service app, you will be able to provide more than 101 services on your platform.

With so many services under one roof, you will always see your sales and growth escalating. You will earn commissions on every service that you offer on Gojek Clone app. This is how you will be able to make money and keep raking in millions of profit.

When it comes to increasing sales, you can always think of expanding your business across different borders.

Get valuable insights

Your customers’ demands keep changing. They expect the platform to upgrade and provide what’s trending.

Thus, it is important for you to keep innovating with time and meet the customers’ needs before one of your competitors does.

So, how can you go about that using your own Gojek clone app?

Well, the app effectively collects, analyzes, and presents customer data. The app apprehends customer behavior and their preferences so that you can include these insights in your business plan.

When you understand your users, you will be able to improve the business and the platform. With this app, you get the power to provide personalized services, keep your customers happy, and bring futuristic transformations to your business.

Do you know that entrepreneurs are opting for apps such as the Gojek Clone app and getting richer by every hour?

How Gojek-like App Can Help You Make More Profits?

Paid In-app Ads

Third-party in-app ads are a great way to make money besides the standard revenue-generating model.

You can display Facebook and Google third-party ads on the application. Thus, every time a user clicks on the ad, you get paid.

In the advertising world, this model is called the pay-per-click method.

For example, a new movie theater in New Jersey wants to promote itself. They can run a Google campaign. Google advertisers will then approach you to display the ad on your Gojek Clone App.

In return, they will pay you per click. Similarly, they can opt for Facebook ads.

Localization of Your App

Most businesses fail to attract the local audience because they couldn’t ‘localize the app’ properly.

This simply means you need to integrate components such as –

  • Local languages and currencies valid in the region
  • Payment and SMS gateway that works best in the country

Until and unless you express audience that the app is made for them, to solve their issues, it will be difficult to reach the break-even point!

Think about different ways in which you can disbar the challenges of communication via your app. Build a strategy that lures more people to use your app and book services on it regularly!

Carefully Implement In-app Push Notifications

If you strategics your in-app push notifications carefully, you can generate more revenue easily.

It is one of the best promotional tools for you. Using in-app notifications you can keep your customers updated about what’s upcoming.

You can send promotional messages to your users, encouraging them to interact with your Gojek clone app and leverage the offer.

Moreover, you can get more creative with push notifications, and send messages when they abandon their carts, provide similar options, etc. Here is an example of how you can use these push notifications –

Select the Best Business Model for Your App

When developing the application, make sure that you are selecting the best business model.

It is important if you want to generate maximum revenue without hustling!

Entrepreneurs who invest in the Gojek-like solution get to choose one of the two amazing business models, that is –

Commission per service

Under this model, the app owner makes money on every single service that is booked on the app.

The commissions they earn can be different for taxi services, delivery services, online video consultation, service bidding, and so on.

Subscription plans

On the other hand, Gojek Clone app also empowers entrepreneurs to make money via subscription plan purchases.

Now, every time a user purchases the plan, upgrades it or renews it, they make money!

Final Words:

Launch the Gojek clone app if you want to boost your business easily and efficiently. This amazing app is studded with advanced features so that you can offer single-click conveniences to your customers.

Grow your sales and business with multi-service app. But, for that, you first need to get the assistance of a well-established mobile app development company. The company will help you to launch the best, fastest, and most profit-generating Gojek-like app.

So, without wasting your time, connect with the experts!

Author Bio:

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of V3cube.com, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.


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