The 10 Best unblock Alternatives That Work in 2023

If you had the good fortune to be alive in the mid-2000s when the online was at its peak, you very likely came across unblock , or ET as it was known to its rabid following. However, in May 2017, the foremost torrent site (at the time) abruptly went down, dealing a severe blow to the open internet. unblock

Since there isn’t an official Extra Torrent proxy available right now, any sites that pretend to be one really use Piratebay, EZtv, or other bit torrent services as their backends while posing as Partner frontends.

Extra Torrent Search Engine Information unblock accomplishes all the downloading of the latest recent, highest-quality content that is also available online for free, while having a very constrained eyesight. unblock The most exciting part of the essay that can be found on other Bit Torrent websites is the section that provides the most recent updates and information on all different forms of highly technical information. unblock The most exciting part of the essay that can be found on other Bit Torrent websites is the section that provides the most recent information and updates on all different forms of highly technical information.

Top alternatives to unblock – The quick list

  1. The Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay is the top torrent resource on the web.
  2. RARBG: The best torrenting website for HD content is RARBG. a tracker, too.
  3. YTS: A movie-focused torrent website.
  4. Kickass Torrents: The main rival of Extra Torrent now has a worthy rival.
  5. Lime Torrents: Obtain the most recent torrents from Lime Torrents.
  6. Torlock: There are several torrents and many seeds.
  7. EZTV: The finest choice for TV series is EZTV.
  8. si: the location to visit for anime.
  9. Torrentz2: There are several torrents and many seeds.
  • Torrent Funk: Good website with a huge database is Torrent Funk.

The Pirate Bay :

The Pirate Bay has taken over the top spot amongst torrent sites. Every conceivable category is present in its large torrent library. It’s simple to navigate and use. The search feature is practical and offers filtering choices. Additionally, you can explore each topic on its own. unblock You may access countless pieces of content on The Pirate Bay, which is accessible in 35 various languages.

Additionally, this is only available in certain countries, so utilise a Vpn connection to get around Gps location restrictions and access all of its material without worrying about privacy threats.  Despite having a straightforward design, it is regularly utilised by numerous users.

RARBG : is another more current torrent website that has appeared, similar to the one mentioned before, It might not have the same history as its predecessor, unblock Bit torrent, but it can surely compete with it in terms of the sheer volume of torrents it offers. You may anticipate finding anything you’re looking for here, and the torrents will generally be of high quality.


The simplest and most user-friendly bit torrent website is this one. The fact that it just focuses on movies contributes to some of its simplicity (and appeal). There aren’t any TV series, apps, games, porn, or other things either. The focus of YTS (also known as YiFy) is solely on movies.

The YTS homepage’s simplicity and cleanliness make me think of Netflix. You may browse each movie’s trailer, description, and language choices while conducting a search for movies based on their popularity, category, and rating categories. If you’d prefer to utilise them, you can also download movie subtitles. And if you require assistance, you may get in touch with its 75+ million user community or submit a question via its contact page.

Kickass Torrents:

When the US Department of Justice accused the original Kickass of numerous crimes in 2016, it also went offline for a while. However, it later reappeared with improved functionality on new sites. It seems sense that folks discovered Kickass substitutes for their need.

Kickass is still one of the top bit torrent sites even if it never recovered its former prominence after going offline.


Given how similar the interface is on Opportunity to access and Extra Torrent, the two websites appear to be related. As a result, Extra Torrent is thought of as having a very strong competitor in this. Well, this popular torrent site has been updated with a sleek appearance, big buttons, and an intuitive search bar.

Limetorrents’ main selling point is how swiftly it provides the newest torrents. But because there aren’t many seeders, it’s not so excellent for older goods.


Every time a user alerts Torlock to a malicious website or a bogus torrent, they receive $1. This demonstrates how much effort is put into protecting consumers from viruses and fraudulent downloads. Be careful though, as some of the site’s links may still send you in the wrong direction. The Torlock library has a large selection of electronic books, music, games, software, and other materials. Additionally, a lot of torrents contain a big number of torrent sites and leechers, allowing for quick downloads.

For the anime aficionados among us, we have this entry on our list. It is the primary anime torrenting website online. It counts a staggering 46 million monthly visits. Nevertheless, downloading times are not that long because there are lots of seeders.


Here are the top 5 active and well-liked unblock alternatives. The majority of torrent users are extremely shocked by ExtraTorrent’s closure, so we hope you would bookmark these sites as alternatives. unblock It can be overwhelming to have accessibility to so many free software, entertainment, including movies, TV shows, books, and software. So, stay awake. Risks always exist. Mostly, trading illegal content could result in a malware attack or legal issues.

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